The Way WE Do It

Website Creation - Se Habla Espanol

Andy's Designs employs professional web developers that craft standards-complient (X)HTML and CSS. This way, it is guaranteed that all web browsers will understand your pages and not error out, or cause some other anomaly to appear. If Javascript is needed, we create and test ALL of our code to assure maximum useability and that no bugs (errors) occur.

Your site will be exhaustively tested on ALL major browsers for compatibility. Once these tests have been completed, content will be added to your site and optimized for search engines (at your request). Your new site is then ready to serve you and the rest of the world.

We use simple, clean authoring tools to provide clean markup and code - without unneeded cruft.

Here is a list of our target browsers:

Image/Logo/Banner ad Design

Logo & Banner ad design is handled by our Graphic Arts department. The G.A.D. consists of highly trained professionals in the conventional/computer graphics fields. Always using state-of-the-art technology, and backing it with years of artistic practice and technique.

The Graphic Arts department doesn't stop there, as they are also responsible for your site's overall imagery. Using tight, clean lines or smooth curves - the G.A.D. is responsible for the graphical flow of your page. Laying color and pattern over the framework set by our Web designers, our Graphic Arts department will bring your page to vibrant life!

We use industry standard graphic editing tools, for the best possible graphic & image quality.